The Cider

The Cider

At Exner Cider we believe that nothing happens by chance, that everything we do and choose in this life is a reflection of our decisions. Our actions have a cause that take us where we want to be, who we want to be with and the way we feel best. Thus, the friends we have are not relative. They are true friends. A bar is not relatively good. It is good because it makes us feel comfortable. And any tv series can be relatively good, but the one that excites us is good without relativity. You cannot love relatively, nor can you laugh out loud relatively.

We must put an intention to what we do to do it as we do it. We did not create a unique cider accidentally, it is a premeditated act. Therefore, it is not by chance that our apples have been selected among the best. 

And it is no coincidence that our facilities have been molded to offer you the best quality. All intended to offer you a mixture of the most natural product and purest artisan tradition. 

Thus, we did not create this cider for you to choose relatively, but with attitude, with cause. 

Bottom line, craftmanship is not relative.

In these figures there is nothing relative: 100% juice. 100% cider apple. It does not come from concentrate and is gluten-free, but it is also round, dry, balanced, with very fine bubbles. On the nose you can discover intense aromas with a predominance of herbs and balsamic memories. In the mouth it is very light, with a delicate balance between the sweet and the acid of the apple variety. All this has nothing to do with relativeness. Ideal to drink in a glass or mixed in a cocktail. Perfect as an aperitif, but also with meals, because it pairs very well with savory dishes, seafood and cheeses.

"We must put an intention

to what we do

to do it as we do it"

Celebrate life, enjoy the natural.