The First Apple

The First Apple

It was José Ignacio Exner, son of a German immigrant who acquired from him the passion for nature, the ability to observe the landscape and the interest in learning the best growing practices. It is no coincidence that, after touring Spain, it was the astonishing while complex Asturian orography that captivated him. That land was the perfect place to fulfill his dream: to grow very special apple trees that he would take care of daily in order to make a unique cider with them. We named the orchard Finca Gallinal, after the village where it is located.

"A first apple

that helped us discover

that not everything is relative"

Finca Gallinal went from dream to reality, a singular orchard in Asturias, registered in the Protected Designation of Origin Sidra de Asturias, with which we live intensely every day of the year. In it we celebrate the advance of the life cycle of our apple trees throughout the year. We know each tree and we take special care of each one. That is why it is not relative that at Finca Gallinal apple varieties coexist capable of making the best ciders with the permanent desire to extract the best from the most natural. Exner’s legacy to the new generations: that quality and craftsman are attributes full of passion, conviction and commitment. Attributes that are not relative. Neither is love for the land nor the desire to come together to share a moment full of anecdotes and laughs. It’s amazing how many things we learned with that first apple.