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David Ríos is one of the most important bartenders in haute cocktail making. Crowned as the best Bartender in the world in 2013, he allows us to discover how far Exner’s sophistication can go through fresh, fun and explosive drinks. Exner is a new protagonist in the world of cocktails. Don´t miss it!

Exner is a new protagonist in the world of cocktails

-David Ríos

Our cocktails

Apple champagne

Fresh, balance between acidity and sweetness, floral, presence of apple with citric notes and tequila notes at the end, very pleasant both in the nose and palate elegant.

Padre Azul Blanco Tequila – 30 ml
St.Germain liqueur – 10 ml
Fresh filtered lime juice – 5 ml
Agave syrup – 5 ml
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 100 ml

Cider Coffee

Very fun and visual, all the notes of spice, cocoa, toffee, etc.. of the vermouth in perfect harmony with note of Zacapa, coffee and the acidic notes of the orange juice all wrapped up in the apple flavour.

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Rouge – 45ml
Ron Zacapa 23 – 15 ml
Espresso Coffee – 15 ml
Fresh filtered orange juice – 15 ml
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 100 ml

Exner Highball

Unctuous long drink cocktail, complex, with caramel, spicy notes and a fresh apple flavour.

Whisky Blend (JW. Black) or Single Malt (Singleton off Duftown 12) – 45 ml
Semi-sweet Madeira Wine – 15 ml
Toffee or caramel syrup – 5 ml
Spiced Bitter – 2 dash
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 150 ml


Perfect as an aperitif, the apple notes combine perfectly with the fruity, citrus and spicy notes of vermouth and gin.

La Quintinye Vermouth Royal Blanc – 40 ml
Nouaison Gin / Tanqueray Ten – 15 ml
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 100 ml


Apple explosion in different versions, spicy notes, sour apple, fresh grass, it can also be a perfect aperitif.

Calvados Pays D’Auge – 20 ml
Manzanilla de Sanlucar – 20 ml
Spiced apple shrub – 20 ml
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 100 ml

Fall Cocktail

Powerful both on the nose and on the palate. It’s a complex, long cocktail, with a sensation of fullness and sweetness.

Torres Brandy 15 – 45 ml
Ratafia – 15 ml
Oloroso – 10 ml
Eucalyptus / maple honey – 5 g
Exner Craft Apple Cider – 100 ml