Exner Honey. Pack 3 varieties




Pack of 3 varieties of honey of the highest quality and purity. In the peaks of Europe, at an altitude of 1800 metres, where nature finds a purer state, free of pesticides or intensive cultivation, our bees work for just five weeks in summer to obtain this honey of exceptional quality. CALLUNA VULGARIS honey, also known as heather honey, has a special texture that requires complex extraction systems. It is amber and golden in colour, with a sweet taste and a clear balance between bitter and salty notes. OAK HONEY comes from the acorns and leaves of oak trees. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended to be consumed together with forest honey. It’s raw, very dark brown, almost black in colour, with a more intense flavour and more bitter notes. FOREST HONEY comes from the nectar of various plants that grow around the oak tree. Raw honey, brown in colour, full of nuances, intense, sweet and with salty notes. EXNER Farm Natural Selection guarantees the single-flower quality of the honey, its place of origin, the way it is harvested and the well-being of the hive throughout the year. Our hives are prepared for 6 months in the gentle valleys of Finca Gallinal, a quality cider apple farm in Asturias.

  • Calluna (420 gr), Oak (450 gr), Forest (450 gr).